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Why should you choose Everlasting Smile for your general and cosmetic dental needs? Our patients trust us with the care of their teeth. You don't have to take our word for it. Our current and former patients can give you plenty of reasons why they love their dental care with Dr. Andrew L. Reingold. In this section, you can read reviews and testimonials from patients and parents of our patients, who can verify that our dentist, Dr. Reingold in New York, NY, and his experienced team, all understand the importance of being professional, focusing on safety, and remaining compassionate in all aspects in the world of dentistry such as dental examinations, smile makeovers, screenings for oral cancers, periodontal treatments, dental implants, and more. Please read these testimonials, as they give a better picture of what and how we work, including supportive feedback on Dr. Reingold, his rapport, his Registered Dental Hygienists, Medical Assisting Staff, pre and post-operative experiences, sedation techniques, and so much more.

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Review from T.  |  Source: Insiderpages  |  Jul 22, 2005

A GREAT DENTIST - Dr. Reingold is a wonderful dentist! When I moved back to NY, I was overdue for my cleaning and asked a co-worker if she liked her dentist. She, and 2 other co-workers that overheard my question, all ranted and raved about Dr. Reingold. ""He is SOOO GENTLE."" ""I Love watching the DVD concerts."" ""They explain everything."" I couldn't believe they were this excited about a dentist.\n\nWell, the truth is they were right. In fact, it is obvious right away how much he loves what he does and that he really cares. Now I am the one who rants and raves about what a great dentist Dr. Reingold is. More

Review from J.  |  Source: Insiderpages  |  Jul 12, 2002

the best dentist!!! - Years ago I was afraid of the dentist and then I found Dr. Reingold. He is gentlest, kindest, most thorough dentist I have ever seen. Dr. Reingold has forever changed my opinion of going to the dentist. I look forward to my six-month cleaning! I have whitest smile in town thanks to Dr. Reingold's whitening!\n\nPS - he even has evening and weekend hrs! More