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At Everlasting Smiles, we offer annual dental examinations, which can include screening for cavities, oral cancer, TMJ, and more for healthy smiles.

We use digital X-rays as a diagnostic tool for the teeth, gums, and bones of the jaw to provide precise, excellent treatment at Everlasting Smile.

During each patient’s annual exam, our dentist can check for signs of oral cancer using advanced screening tools at Everlasting Smile in NYC.

It's important to get in 2 routine dental cleanings a year to maintain healthy teeth and gums, and reduce the chances of tooth decay and gum disease.

Dr. Reingold can provide a custom treatment plan detailing a combination of cosmetic and restorative dental procedures for your smile makeover.

We can camouflage your teeth's imperfections (chips, discoloration, flaws) with custom-made porcelain veneers placed on the front of the teeth.

Dr. Reingold can quickly repair chipped or gapped teeth at Everlasting Smile using composite bonding to improve the shape or spacing of your teeth.

Made to match the natural color of your teeth, resin composites or tooth-colored fillings, can replace metal fillings of the past with great success.

Using customized whitening trays, you can safely brighten and whiten your teeth with a professional at-home whitening kits at Everlasting Smile.

Using state-of-the-art technology in our NYC office to dramatically whiten your teeth with the Sapphire™ 1-Hour Whitening System in a single visit.

Dental implants are now the "gold standard" in tooth replacement by integrating it within the jawbone for an anchor for the new dental restoration.

Dr. Reingold may recommend crowning a tooth after a tooth saving procedure (such as a root canal) to cover a visible portion of a decayed tooth.

At Everlasting Smile, we provide consultations for a BruxZir® bridge (restoration), which cover a single tooth to several teeth that need crowned.

When it comes to discussing a treatment plan for complete or partial dentures at Everlasting Smile, we offer several options in restoring your smile.

You can have the "gold standard" in full-mouth dental restorations with our innovative implant supported dentures at Everlasting Smile in NYC.

After decay has damaged a tooth beyond repair, a root canal treatment on the pulp of the tooth, may be necessary to prevent the removal of the tooth.

It is never fun to get a periodontal disease diagnosis; however, we will do our best at Everlasting Smile with surgical and nonsurgical treatments.

Our dental practice offers a nonsurgical periodontal treatment (scaling and root planing) to eliminate built-up tartar and plaque from the gum line.

Dr. Reingold will customize your orthodontic treatment with clear, removable aligners called Invisalign, to straighten your teeth comfortably.

Dr. Reingold can examine and assess the temporomandibular joints for patients experiencing any symptoms of TMD and jaw disorders in his NYC office.

Protecting your teeth with a custom night guard has never been easier. Ask about our guards at your next appointment to put an end to teeth grinding.