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About Dental Exams

We want to help you preserve your natural teeth for as long as possible, and we can do this with regular dental examinations, consultations, and oral screenings at our office at Everlasting Smile in New York, NY. Our general and cosmetic dentist, Dr. Andrew Reingold wants to help you stop cavities, gum disease, and more before your teeth and gums require more invasive, expensive treatments. Dr. Reingold accepts patients of all ages, and during the exam he will use several methods (per the age and health of the patient) to examine teeth, mouth, gums, and jaws for signs of concern and keep track of the state of the patient's teeth.

Digital X-rays, a visual inspection, a physical exam, gum probing, and any other checks that may be needed to give you optimal care and take a pro-active measure to reverse damage or catch problems like gum disease or a cavity that is in danger of causing infection or worse. Dr. Reingold has a state-of-the-art dental office and will help you get your best oral health.



During your examination, our dentist will look at your X-rays as well as taking a look inside your mouth at your teeth for cavities. Dr. Reingold will explain in detail if a tooth has a cavity and what the appropriate treatment will be to prevent for further damage, such as a tooth-colored filling.

Periodontal DISEASE

A periodontal screening by your dental hygienist or dentist can be performed during your dental exam to check the health of your gums. Gum health is equally important to the health of your teeth. We will assess your gum line for recession, which can lead to the different stages of periodontal disease. 


An oral pathology or oral cancer screening is usually included in the annual exam. The dentist will not only check your teeth, but will also visually examine the soft tissues of your mouth for discoloration, lesions, and other abnormalities in your mouth. If an abnormality is found within your mouth, a biopsy may be recommended.


You may have discussed with your primary care physician or a previous dentist your concerns about your jaw pain. Dr. Reingold can perform an initial TMJ (temporomandibular joint) screening in his office, gather a detailed medical and dental history, and provide you with a clinical examination with diagnostic imaging of the teeth and bones of the jaw, such as:

  • Dental X-rays at your dental examinations
  • Advanced imaging and scans (CAT, MRI, Bone Scans) for providing your dentist with more detail in providing you with a diagnosis

It is also important to rule out any other conditions that may be causing pain with the help of your primary care physician and our dentist.

Bite Analysis

An occlusal analysis, or a study of your bite, is important if you are experiencing pain and instability of your teeth. Loose teeth, TMD, pain, and shifting teeth are all symptoms of a misalignment in the bite. We offer this service to our patients on as needed basis. The outcome of a bite analysis may suggest that a patient have corrective treatments such as tooth reshaping, orthodontics to straighten the teeth, and dental restorations to correct the form and function of the teeth to help alleviate the problems of an uneven bite.

What to Expect

A through dental examination will start with a conversation between the dentist and the patient. The dentist will ask about the patient's recent health, including any current medications, illnesses, and surgeries. The dentist will also ask the patient if they have noticed any changes or areas of concern. To get a complete picture of the patient's mouth, the dentist will begin by taking digital X-rays to see the teeth, gums, and bones. The dentist will then perform a visual check of the mouth and then continue the exam with palpation (touch) to check for signs of oral cancer, decay, and disease. The dentist will also use probing tools to check the health of the gums by measuring the depth of the gum pockets and looking for areas of inflammation.

Treatment Aftercare

If the dentist finds any areas of concern during the dental examination, they will talk to the patient about possible preventative measures that may be performed at the office or at home. The dentist will let the patient know when they should schedule their next dental exam to check on their progress. In some cases, the dentist may recommend further testing or refer the patient to a specialist.

Anticipated Costs

The cost for an annual dental examination varies among practices, but it averages between $100 – $300. The front office will consult with the patient’s insurance companies prior to their visit, since most companies cover this cost up to 100%. Patients paying out of pocket may discuss payment options during their consultation.

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Prevent and Protect

Be sure to schedule and attend your annual dental examination so you and your dentist can keep your teeth, gums, and jaw healthy. With regular dental exams, your dentist can notice subtle changes that can lead to faster, more effective treatments when problems do arise. A few minutes in Dr. Reingold's dental chair for an annual exam can save you hours of time and discomfort in extensive procedures and recovery time.

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