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tMD disorders

TMD Disorders (TMJ) in New York City

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About TMD

If you have discomfort in your face and jaw, but are not sure about the source of your pain, ease your mind about your symptoms, and give Everlasting Smile in NYC a call today to set up your consultation appointment with Dr. Andrew Reingold. We will privately discuss symptoms, TMD (temporomandibular joint disorder), perform an examination and diagnostic imaging, and review your medical history. There are many symptoms of a jaw disorder, such as:

  • Specific, recurrent facial pain (moderate to severe)
  • Swelling in the face
  • Constant teeth grinding and/or clenching while awake or asleep
  • Areas of the face that are sensitive to touch
  • The jaw joint locks in position
  • Limited range of motion with the jaw
  • The jaw does not the feel the same since having a traumatic injury in the facial area

Your primary care physician might have referred you to a dentist, or you are looking for a caring, experienced dentist to figure out why your jaw is so painful. Call and set up an appointment at Everlasting Smile, and Dr. Reingold will help you find solutions.

What To Expect

Upon a diagnosis of TMD, your dentist will discuss several treatment strategies to try before recommending an invasive, surgical procedure. These treatments may include:

  • Restorative dental work to align the bite (a bite adjustment)
  • BOTOX® injections (relaxes the muscles in the face to stop you from grinding and clenching your teeth, which leads to the painful inflammation)
  • Oral appliance therapy (such as a retainer or the use of a night guard while sleeping)
  • Orthodontic treatment 
  • Surgical intervention (joint repair, joint restructuring, or arthroscopy of the jaw joint)

Treatment Aftercare

Your dentist may recommend things you can do to help with the discomfort beside just using medication for muscle spasms, inflammation, anxiety, and pain. It is important to exercise your jaw and rest it when needed. Be mindful of stress so that you are not grinding or clenching your teeth. Avoid chewy foods, and eat a soft diet to prevent unnecessary inflammation. Use heat and ice when needed to help with the pain. Also, having good posture also plays a role in your neck and jaw alignment.

Anticipated Costs

The cost of the TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder examination and diagnostic imaging services will be dependent on the patient and the specific symptoms exhibited. During your consultation, the fees will be discussed with you.

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Help Yourself & Relieve TMD!

We can help relieve your TMJ pain with pain management strategies (such as BOTOX injections), oral appliances (night guards), and surgery. For whatever the reason is for your pain, we will help you treat this painful condition of the jaw. Call Everlasting Smile today and schedule your appointment for a TMD consultation at your earliest convenience.

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