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About Dentures

Consult with Dr. Andrew Reingold, a general and cosmetic dentist about his dental services for full or partial dentures. Dr. Reingold provides his patients at Everlasting Smile a prosthetic that looks natural, and has a customized fit for your mouth. All our dentures are sent out to a specialized dental laboratory to be made with high-quality materials. Restoring your facial appearance, and regaining full functionality of your teeth are two wonderful reasons to consider having a full or partial denture made. Traditional dentures are removable, unlike dental implants. You can easily take the denture out for daily cleaning and bring it with you to your dental appointments to check for signs of wear and appropriate fit. A partial denture can replace multiple teeth that are next to each other while you still have some of your natural teeth. A complete denture will replace all your natural teeth. Removable dentures not only help with maintaining your facial profile, but it will help with chewing your food and speaking more clearly. Call today and schedule an appointment to talk to Dr. Reingold in New York, NY about all your dental restoration needs.

What to Expect

The procedure for dentures starts with the dentist preparing the patient's mouth, which may include extractions, cleanings, or filing the natural teeth. After the mouth is prepared, digital X-rays and physical impressions will be taken and sent to a dental laboratory where custom dentures will be created. While the permanent dentures are being created, the dentist will give the patient temporary dentures to wear. When the custom dentures are completed, the dentist will adjust as needed to give the most comfortable and secure fit. If needed, patients may schedule a follow up appointment after their dentures are first fitted so the dentist can check and adjust the fit of the dentures.

Treatment Aftercare

Care instructions for dentures will be provided by the dentist to help you keep your dentures clean and in good condition. Removable dentures can last 2 – 10 years with proper care, including regular dental exams as often as recommended by your dentist to check the wear of your dentures and the health of your gums and mouth.

Anticipated Costs

Complete and partial dentures are usually covered at least in part by dental insurance and our office will contact your insurance company to calculate what your insurance will pay and your personal cost. Please talk to our Financial Coordinator about what payments are accepted by our office, and what financing plans are available.

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Customized Confidence

If you are having trouble speaking and chewing because of missing teeth, full or partial custom dentures can restore the appearance and function of your teeth. All dentures are uniquely created with the materials, colors, sizes, and shapes needed to match your mouth and face to give you your best fit and an attractive, natural looking smile. We invite you for a denture consultation with Dr. Andrew Reingold at Everlasting Smile to learn more about the best denture options available on the market.

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